Episode 1

Build Your Sausage Factory

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A sausage factory is pretty simple. It takes raw materials and puts them in at one end and a consistent product (sausages) comes out the other end, over and over again. In a mortgage business, we take this concept to help brokers build a team and delivery process, that gets consistent results as efficiently as possible.

In this episode of Mortgage Broker Acceleration, James Veigli and Ash Playsted share the analogy of how building a sausage factory can be likened to how mortgage brokers need to set up their business. They share tips on how to efficiently run and manage your mortgage business without sacrificing a lot of time.

If you want to start running your mortgage business more efficiently, let James and Ash show you how!

The Key Questions

  • What is a sausage factory? (1:37)
  • What does that look like in stages or steps or segments? (2:02)
  • What do we need to start doing to chop this job up? (9:59)
  • What's the first thing that takes the most amount of time? (10:09)

What You’ll Learn

  • Building your sausage factory is one of the most important things that mortgage brokers need to do. (1:05)
  • If you're good at what you do, you'll find that you're boxed in doing everything. (4:21)
  • What we call the success trap. (8:37)
  • The way to build value in a business is by replicating what you do. (15:50)

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