Episode 44

If I Had To Start From Scratch

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What’s the biggest trap that most entrepreneurs fall into? The answer is, it’s the belief that if you know best, you should do everything yourself. This is not a productive mindset for a mortgage business owner. Unfortunately, it is very common among brokers.

In this episode of Mortgage Broker Acceleration, James Veigli and Ash Playsted explain why you should embrace a mindset shift. They also discuss what it really means to be a business owner. Tune in to discover what it takes to build a sustainable mortgage business from scratch – from a managerial, organisational, and personal perspective.

The Key Questions

  • What is the best way to start a business from scratch? (0:55)
  • How do you go beyond the first phase of building a mortgage business? (3:59)
  • How should you negotiate conflicts between business growth and organisational aspirations? (8:27)
  • Why is business growth dependent on good partnerships? (15:26)

What You’ll Discover

  • Effective hiring practices for brokers (5:10)
  • The yin and yang of the broker business (10:05)
  • The great trap of entrepreneurship (12:50)
  • The driver vs. the mechanic (13:22)

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