Episode 47

Under The Griller: Ash Playsted

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Many people think that success as a broker depends on technical know-how. While technical capability is certainly important, it’s your mindset that’s most crucial. Your ability to align your goals and actions with your true nature as a person accounts for 80% of your success.

As such, this episode of Mortgage Broker Acceleration takes on a more introspective and philosophical track. James Veigli puts Ash Playsted under the grill, prompting him to reflect on his transition from broker to coach. Tune in to James and Ash’s wide-ranging discussion to discover how you can accelerate your personal growth – and your professional success.

The Key Questions

  • Which is more important to success, mindset or capability? (7:53)
  • What is the mindset that brokers need for success? (11:26)
  • How should brokers manage the stress that comes with our profession? (17:23)
  • Why do brokers need a great coach? (25:31)

What You’ll Discover

  • Ash’s backstory and how he became a broker (1:58)
  • What most people don’t know about Ash (5:58)
  • How Ash’s vision of success changed throughout his career (13:17)
  • What Ash would do differently if he could start again (24:24)

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