Episode 59

Standing In Quicksand (Oblivious)

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Many brokers don’t have a clear sense of where their business is – or where it’s going. It’s almost as if they’re walking around with a blindfold on. That’s why it’s so easy for them to step into the metaphorical quicksand of this industry. Their mortgage business starts to slowly sink... And by the time they realise it, it’s often too late.

In episode 59 of Mortgage Broker Acceleration, James Veigli and Ash Playsted discuss the best way for brokers to break free of this quicksand. Tune in to discover practical tips and strategies that will help you turn a sinking business around.

The Key Questions

  • How can brokers escape the metaphorical quicksand? (4:56)
  • How do you know if you are actually trapped in quicksand? (8:49)
  • What is the biggest problem that most brokers face? (12:41)
  • How can brokers stay clear of the quicksand? (17:17)

What You’ll Discover

  • The quicksand analogy (1:26)
  • Why the instinctive tendency to panic is counterproductive (5:35)
  • The two common mindsets that get brokers stuck (16:41)
  • The mountaineering analogy (17:51)

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