Episode 70

Your Secret Sauce

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What makes a popular burger joint stand out amongst its many, many competitors? It doesn’t just offer customers the "meat" and the "bun". Instead, it’s invested in a proprietary secret sauce. Truth is, the same logic applies to mortgage brokers. The idea here is to find innovative ways to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

This episode of Mortgage Broker Acceleration focuses on how brokers can create their own secret sauce. James Veigli and Ash Playsted explain how brokers can take the boring, routine stuff and make it interesting. Tune in to discover practical and creative ways to set your mortgage broking business apart.

The Key Questions

  • Why is systemising actually sexy? (2:50)
  • Why should you look at your mortgage broking business from a customer’s perspective? (4:19)
  • What do your clients hate? (8:13)
  • What should your secret sauce achieve for your mortgage broking business? (18:37)

What You’ll Discover

  • The language of the broker vs. the language of the customer (11:57)
  • How to differentiate your business through personalisation (14:13)
  • The car analogy (15:25)
  • The burger analogy (21:09)

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