Episode 72

Webinars (The Trident Strategy)

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Many brokers are great technicians, but not-so-great public speakers. This is why using webinars is an excellent strategy for mortgage broking businesses. Webinars allow brokers to communicate within their comfort zone while accessing a much wider audience. Also, webinars are cost- and time-efficient – a genuine asset for busy brokers.

In this episode Mortgage Broker Acceleration, James Veigli and Ash Playsted explain how brokers can make the most of webinars. They share how webinars can be used to better position yourself, get you more referrals, and improve your client retention rate. Tune in to learn how to turn webinars into a powerful engine for mortgage broking business growth.

The Key Questions

  • Do webinars work for introverts? (5:04)
  • Why are webinar metrics important? (6:34)
  • Should you run webinars for your mortgage broking business's existing clients? (12:26)
  • What should your webinars focus on? (23:00)

What You’ll Discover

  • How webinars maximise the use of your limited time (2:48)
  • The key difference between webinars and live public speaking (7:31)
  • The utility of webinars in our knowledge economy (9:09)
  • The three types of webinars (11:03)

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