Episode 88

The #1 Lead Funnel All Brokers Must Have

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Modern marketing trends often overcomplicate things. In practice, however, a lead funnel is a simple concept. It's a predetermined sequence of actions that are presented to potential customers, like booking an appointment or sharing their contact details. And at the end of the day, the #1 lead funnel that all mortgage brokers must have is actually super simple.

This episode of Mortgage Broker Acceleration is all about going back to the basics of digital marketing. James Veigli and Ash Playsted explain how any broker – no matter how tech unsavvy – can get their foundations right. Tune in to master the basics of digital strategy and set yourself up for more advanced approaches.

The Key Questions

  • What is a lead funnel? (1:18)
  • What’s the #1 lead funnel that all mortgage brokers should have? (6:50)
  • Do you need complicated software or tech know-how to be effective? (10:35)
  • How can you take your digital marketing strategy one step further? (12:57)

What You’ll Discover

  • How digital marketers overcomplicate things (3:18)
  • The McDonald’s analogy (5:30)
  • A shocking statistic about mortgage brokers today (7:48)
  • A simple hack that you can implement immediately (9:13)

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