Episode 5

Extracting Referrals From Real Estate Agents

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Most mortgage brokers approach partnerships with real estate agents in the wrong way. This results in a lot of effort, coffee meetings, follow-up, attending open homes and more - but without the referrals to show for it.

In this episode of Mortgage Broker Acceleration, James Veigli and Ash Playsted discuss the secret to building long-term, profitable partnerships with real estate agents. You’ll hear about the common mistakes, as well as ideas for how to win real estate agents over.

If you want to know how to forge key partnerships with real estate agents who will send you referrals consistently, listen in to James and Ash now.

The Key Questions

  • How do you find those select-few real estate agents? (6:18) 
  • Why not try to maintain 20 or 30 relationships? (07:59)
  • What do you do to win real estate agents over? (12:12)
  • Why shouldn’t you work with anyone just because they can give you business? (14:19)

What You’ll Discover

  • How Ash built one successful mortgage business with just a handful of real estate agents. (3:50)
  • The secret to making real estate agents want to work with you. (7:00)
  • The truth about relationships with referral partners. (11:33)
  • The biggest mistake mortgage brokers make when approaching real estate agents. (13:49)

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