Episode 61

CASE STUDY: Business Lessons From Santa

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What business lessons can brokers learn from Santa Claus? Most kids are taught to believe that Santa rewards ‘niceness’, not naughtiness. Likewise, many brokers believe that they will be rewarded for being ‘good’. If they have good intentions and a good work ethic, their business will succeed, right?

In this episode of Mortgage Broker Acceleration, James Veigli and Ash Playsted explain why this mindset is a myth. While being well-intentioned and hardworking is great, it isn’t enough to create a successful business. Tune in to learn which traits, tendencies, and mindsets ultimately get rewarded in this industry.

The Key Questions

  • What is the huge myth that influences many brokers in the industry? (4:25)
  • How does the core mindset from the Santa myth carry over into our professional lives? (8:23)
  • How can brokers transition from magical to practical thinking? (9:00)
  • What happens after brokers realise that ‘Santa’ isn’t real? (9:30)

What You’ll Discover

  • Why Santa is much more than a fantasy for most children (1:49)
  • The myth of the free and independent broker (5:05)
  • The myths vs. facts of being a mortgage broker (6:44)
  • Why the business world doesn’t operate according to the logic of the Santa myth (7:21)

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