Episode 73

Reigniting Referral Partners

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Over time, most mortgage brokers will establish contact with a variety of referral partners. They can be accountants, real estate agents, or financial planners. However, many of these referral partners will typically become “cold” (or even dead) at some point. What can you do to fire them back up and revitalise your referral flow?

This episode of Mortgage Broker Acceleration is all about reigniting cold referral partners. James Veigli and Ash Playsted share many practical and actionable tips in their discussion. The ultimate goal is for brokers to build successful and mutually-beneficial long-term relationships. Tune in to rethink your approach to this essential driver of mortgage broking business growth.

The Key Questions

  • Should you try to reignite all your referral partners? (5:40)
  • What are the laser-targeted approach and the machine-gun approach and which one works better? (8:07)
  • How should you reach out to “cold” referral partners? (12:23)
  • How do you know if a prospective referral partner is dependable? (18:10)

What You’ll Discover

  • The 3 tiers of referral partners (2:58)
  • The wrong and right way to target referral partners (8:38)
  • Why being able to free up time is crucial for mortgage broking business owners (13:43)
  • Why you shouldn’t try to build a relationship with a referral partner by force (21:35)

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