Episode 84

5 Harsh And Less Known Secrets Of Life

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As mortgage brokers, we all have a set of personal hang-ups that are holding us back. Whether we realise it or not, these internal setbacks are compromising our progress. They affect our conversion rates and the quality of referrals we attract. What’s more, they inevitably limit how quickly and effectively our business grows.

This episode of Mortgage Broker Acceleration focuses on achieving a successful mindset transformation. Ash Playsted shares five harsh and less well-known secrets of life with James Veigli and their listeners. Tune to learn how to overcome the common hang-ups that are keeping many of us from achieving our true potential.

The Key Questions

  • Who holds the most responsibility for holding us back? (0:47)
  • Are we aware of our own potential? (1:08)
  • Can you outperform your own self-image? (2:33)
  • Do we hold an accurate view of our past experiences? (3:02)

What You’ll Discover

  • Internal vs. external influences on our thoughts and feelings (1:36)
  • The logic behind Ash’s personal mantra (1:44)
  • The common problem of cognitive bias (3:32)
  • The first steps to transforming your mindset (5:08)

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