Episode 94

The Agent Or The Director

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For most mortgage brokers, connecting and building relationships with other professionals is easy. What’s not easy is ensuring those relationships are beneficial to them, especially when it comes to getting referrals. That means you have to be strategic about who you form referral relationships with. Otherwise, it’ll be all for naught.

In this episode of Mortgage Broker Acceleration, James Veigli and Ash Playstead discuss who mortgage brokers should form strategic relationships with – is it the agent of a professional services firm? Or is it the director? Tune in now to find out the answer and discover what to do if a big organisation wants to form a partnership with your mortgage broking business.

The Key Questions

  • Who is the ideal strategic partner for brokers - the agent or the director of a professional services firm? (3:00)
  • What should you consider before building relationships with an agent or a director of a professional services firm? (8:45)
  • What is the main requirement to make strategic partnerships with agents flourish? (13:20)
  • How can you position yourself to get more referrals from your strategic partners? (15:00)

What You’ll Discover

  • The first step to take when forming strategic partnerships with other professionals (1:52)
  • The referral relationships that will explode your operations (4:05)
  • 3 reasons why budding mortgage brokers shouldn’t approach directors for a referral relationship (6:50)
  • The smart thing to do when a large organisation shows interest in forming a partnership with your mortgage broking business (16: 20)

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